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About Us

"Accurate Step" was started by two former college athletes on the telephone. One day at a track meet the CEO, Donnie Jackson-Bey, had an epiphany. He noticed that a lot of the athletes were in conflict on where their take off and starting points should be on the long jump platform. What he recognized was that the athletes were arguing over whose marker was whose. It was obvious that this was something that had never been thought of before. There were distinctions in the uniform, shoes, bags, etc. There was one thing missing, a customized marker for the athletes from their respective teams. After a long conversation with Clifton Green, he coined the name Accurate Step, because every road to victory needs to start off with an

"Accurate Step"

What distinguishes Accurate Step from anyone else is the fact that this product, our customized line positioning tape, has never been revealed in sports, EVER. Our line positioning tape is made to last in inclement weather and will always maintain its grip, whether it be on the runway, the football field, or the fly zone in a track meet. Accurate Step is in the business of supporting the modern athlete from high school all the way to the elite levels of competition. If you like what you see and are wondering how we are able to support your program, please use the Contact Us link below so we could discuss our product with you, and give you further information. Place your order today, see what we can design!

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Donnie Jackson-Bey

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Ahmad Williams

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Chris "Fireman" Brown

5x Olympian